July Goal Results

I cannot believe July is over! Here are the results from my July Goals…

1. Blog More
I think it is safe to say I have blogged more this month compared to last year! I cannot guarantee that I will be successful with blogging in August.

2. Use my Erin Condren Life Planner Daily
I LOVE my Erin Condren LP! I have used it daily to keep track of personal reminders and work related events.

3. Make Something for myself
Technically, I didn’t make something for myself, but I made something for our home. I framed Clint’s football jersey to hang in the basement hallway.

Clint Football Jersey

4. Celebrate Independence Day
Check!..We had a great time celebrating with our best friends by eating lots of good food, playing cornhole, and watching fireworks.

5. Enjoy my 25th Birthday
I spent my birthday with my wonderful husband. We went to my sister’s pool. Then, he took me shopping. We ended the night with a birthday dinner with my mom and step-dad.

6. Try a new recipe
I’ll have to try this goal again next month.

7. Go on a date with my husband
We have had several dinner dates with our friends this month!

8. Finish watching a Netflix TV series
Don’t judge me, but I watched the series Secret Life of the American Teenager. I watched the first two seasons in high school, and I always wondered how it ended. I watched all five seasons. Now, I’m searching for a new series.

9. Read a book
I started reading Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Students. I’m not finished yet, but I’m getting close. Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Students

10. Have a successful pre-planning and open house

Pre-planning and open house was a huge success! I finished setting up my classroom without having to hide stuff in the cabinets! I was able to meet most of my students and parents. I cannot wait to start learning with my new third graders on Tuesday.

Have a happy Sunday!


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