July Goals

I have decided to create monthly goals for myself. I feel that sharing my goals on my blog will hold me accountable for reaching them. I will post the results at the end of each month.

summer-sun-blue-sky-palm copy
1. Blog More
I love blogging, and I really want to continue writing more posts weekly. 

2. Use my Erin Condren Life Planner Daily
Clint splurged and bought me a EC Life Planner as an early birthday present. I want to use it to keep track of everything. 

3. Make something for myself
I’m constantly making things for other people or my classroom. However, I want to find something to make just for me. 

4. Celebrate Independence Day
We do not have plans just yet, but I’m sure we will find something to do.

5. Enjoy my 25th Birthday 
My birthday is on a Saturday this year, and I’m looking forward to spending the whole day with my husband, family, and friends.

6. Try a new recipe
I’m tired of eating the same meals over and over. I’m ready to whip up something new in the kitchen.

7. Go on a date with my husband 
Clint and I spend a lot of time together, but I want to go on a real date. I want to do something that we don’t typically do on a weekend. The weekly trip to the grocery store is not a date, so it doesn’t count.

8. Finish watching a Netflix TV series
I still have to enjoy and relax the last few week of summer, so I thought this might be an easy goal to accomplish.

9. Read a book
I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I miss getting lost in a book. I want to find the time to read a good book. Any recommendations?

10. Have a successful pre-planning and open house
It’s crazy to think that I return to work the last week of July. However, I am very excited to get back to doing what I love.

Wish me luck!


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