Home Sweet Engagement

It’s time for a little “way back Wednesday” story.

Clint and I have known for a long time that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. It was just a matter of “when” it was going to happen. After landing my dream job as a third grade teacher, Clint and I decided to begin house hunting. I never thought we would find our dream house as quickly as we did. I thought we would look for several weeks or even months. After finding the house of our dreams, we immediately placed a contract on it. The house was under contract as of September 16, 2014. Almost two months later, it was a done deal! We closed on our house on November 14, 2014. I didn’t think the day could get any better, but it did!

After our closing, our wonderful real estate agent treated us to a congratulatory lunch. After lunch, Clint and I went back to his parents house for him to get a few things before we headed to OUR house. {We were going to our house to change all the locks. After changing the locks, Clint was planning to go hunting for the weekend and I was going to stay and clean.} Clint collected his hunting gear and tools, and we were headed to our home.

Home Sweet Home

As soon as we arrived, we walked around and just talked about our ideas for our home. Clint started to change the locks on all the doors, and I started cleaning. After replacing each lock, Clint would ask me to go outside with my key and unlock the door to make sure they were working properly. We did this four times! We had one more door to go…the front door. He changed the lock and he called for me to go outside and unlock it. At this point it was starting to get late, and I was extremely tired from our busy day. I went outside to unlock the door, but it wouldn’t open. I thought Clint was trying to be funny by locking me out. I would try to unlock it, and he would lock it back. I started to get a little frustrated. I unlocked the door one more time, and he actually let me open it. When I opened the door, Clint was down on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring in the entire world. I was speechless and completely shocked. It was the most memorable day of my entire life.


Home Sweet Engagement

With love,


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