Hello? Is anybody out there?

I’m hoping to dust the cobwebs off of this old blog for good. It has {almost} been a year since the last time a post was published. We have a lot of catching up to do! (Assuming I still have followers.)

The last 12 months have been crazy! I’ll give a quick summary of what has happened.

July 2014:
Clint and I had a wonderful, fun, and HOT vacation. We spent five days in Dayton Beach, FL. We laid out by the pool and the beach the majority of the time. We played two rounds of putt-putt. Clint was determined to beat me after I dominated him in round 1. GO ME!!

Our favorite memory of the entire trip…DEEP SEA FISHING! It was amazing! Here are a few pictures from our fishing trip:

Sunrise on the way out into the ocean.

Sunrise on the way out into the ocean.

Clint reeling in his biggest catch of the day.

Clint reeling in his biggest catch of the day.

Clint and his Goliath Grouper aka JewFish

Clint and his Goliath Grouper aka JewFish

Clint and I cruising on the boat.

Clint and I cruising on the boat.

Apart from enjoying the Salt Life, I started preparing for my first {official} year of teaching!



August 2014 – October 2014:
These three months felt like a blur because they flew by so quickly. I spent the majority of my time trying to stay organized with all my school stuff. I never realized how busy and stressful the beginning of the school year could be.

November 2014:
This was a HUGE month for me. Clint and I purchased our first house on November 14th, and he proposed to me that evening! I will tell you the story in a later post!



December 2014:
We ELOPED! Clint and I couldn’t wait any longer, so we decided to get married. We got married on December 31st. :)

January 2015:
We moved into our new house on New Year’s Day.

February 2015:
We had our “I Do” celebration (aka wedding reception) with friends and family. My mom planned most of it by herself. She did an amazing job.

March 2015 – May 2015:
Again…these three months were a blur. It is amazing how busy the end of the school year can get. I had a successful first year of teaching, and I cannot wait to see my students walking through the hall next year.

June 2015:
Clint’s birthday was June 6th. We had his family over for a cookout, and it was a lot of fun! I also made him a special birthday cake that I plan to write a post about soon. You will not want to miss that.

There you go! I hope to never go another year without blogging. I have a few ideas of how to stay connected with my readers. However, I would like to connect with other bloggers. Any suggestions on how to get that started? I would LOVE to hear about it.

With love,


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