Five on Friday

Hello Friends!
I’m WAY past due for a blog post! So, I decided to try something NEW! It’s called 5 on Friday, and if you’re a blogger feel free to join in on all the fun.

Now you’re probably asking, what is this “5 on Friday” all about? Well, basically you choose to write about any five things that has happened over the past week. They can be good, bad, memorable, discoveries, experiences, etc.

I have OFFICIALLY finished my first quilt that was part of my quilting event. I cannot believe I actually did it!
Here is a picture of it… :)


Clint and I are going to the beach!!
I feel like it has been forever since I last saw the coastline!
This picture was taken when we went to Myrtle Beach…TWO YEARS AGO!!
This year, we are going to Daytona, so I’m super excited about visiting somewhere new!


I’m beginning to get a little bored staying at home this summer! I cannot wait for schools to start, because I am ready to get into a daily routine. Although, I am enjoying my occasional pool days when it is not raining! :)

Kacey, Angela (from WeeShare), Angela’s precious daughter, and I had a lunch date this week! It was so nice to relax with my best friends and talk about things going on in our BUSY lives!

I cannot wait for Father’s Day! I made something for my daddy, and I hope he loves it! It has to deal with his favorite football team, so I’m 100% sure he will like it. I cannot post a picture, just in case he decides to read this post! ;)

That’s all for my first FIVE ON FRIDAY!
Check out the blog that started it all:
The Good Life Blog


Have a wonderful weekend!
With love,



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