Announcing: Baby Cavanaugh

From the time Jonathan and I found out we were expecting, I couldn’t wait to inform our readers! We have been waiting a while to put it out for the public to make sure everything with baby and momma is going well. So far this pregnancy has been perfect!! After we found out we were expecting the first thing we did was call my doctor. We wanted to get an appointment scheduled to check on baby and see how everything was progressing! Well… we got our appointment scheduled and I would have been eight weeks at that appointment…however mother nature decided it was going to interfere and we had the biggest snow/ice storm since 2010 (I believe). Once our doctor office re-opened we called to see if they were going to reschedule… well unfortunately no and we had to wait ANOTHER 3 weeks before finally seeing the doctor. By the time our first appointment came I was 11 weeks…almost done with my first trimester! Luckily I had no complications and the baby was growing perfectly!

In the early stages of pregnancy I was EXTREMELY sick. It didn’t matter what I ate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner I was constantly nauseous. Luckily, as we are now into the second trimester the dreaded morning sickness has subsided. I have found that baby LOVES food and if it gets hungry he/she will let me know!! Tomorrow marks our 16 weeks! It has gone by so fast but we are enjoying the moments of our blessing!

Throughout the pregnancy, we are going to have many reviews from different maternity products. As I progress further along, I will review baby products as well! We are so excited to share this journey with our followers!! We want you all to share your stories, what products you liked best or found that worked, etc. We hope to have many giveaways with baby and maternity products as well! Please stay tuned to read all the interesting information on our little blessing!!!









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