The Building (Cutting) Blocks of Quilting

First and foremost, I am NOT an expert or a professional quilter! I just recently made the decision to blog about the basics and steps of making a quilt. Every quilter is different! Therefore, what works for me may not work for you. However, I am open to hearing any feedback, tips, or advice from my readers!

After collecting all of my necessary supplies for my quilt, it was time to get started! (FYI: Most supplies needed for quilting are the same for everyone, with the a few exceptions of basting preference, thread and batting brand, etc.)

Preparing Your Fabric:
Before I started cutting, I pre-washed all of my fabric! I researched and read other blogs, and most quilters have their own views and opinions of pre-washing fabric. Since I am working with 100% cotton fabric, I felt it was necessary to pre-wash and dry everything. I washed the fabric in the washing machine using cold water and used my regular detergent. (Some quilters have stated that detergent strips the color of the fabric, but this was not true for me.) Then, I dried the fabric with the normal dryer setting. I decided to pre-wash because if my fabric chooses to shrink, I would rather it shrink before I quilt {instead of afterward}. Finally, you need to iron all the wrinkles out! (I have learned through quilting that an iron is my best friend!) I use a standard household iron that has a cotton setting.

Here is a picture of my fabric after pre-washing! If you did not read my previous post, the colors used were navy, white, and royal blue.

photo-7 copy

Cutting Your Fabric:
The quilt design and layout requires 169 squares. That means I get the joy of cutting all of those! I don’t mind cutting squares, it is just VERY time-consuming! I make sure the squares are cut perfectly! To make sure my squares are cut precisely, I use a rotary cutter and a Omnigrid ruler. I just purchased my first set of Omnigrid rulers from Joann’s, and I LOVE them! For this quilt, I am using the 6 1/2″ square. Here is a picture of the ruler for those of you that are wondering what it looks like!


I cut my fabric one square at a time! I place my fabric underneath the ruler, and cut around all the edges. I am sure there are more efficient ways of doing this, but I am fine using this method. That way, I know my fabric is the exact size I need.

Once all the squares are cut, I will move on to the next step of laying it out and piecing it all together!

With love,

Busy {Wedding} Weekend!


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