Getting Started {Quilting Event}

My quilting is beginning to pay off! I have received my FIRST order for a custom quilt. Therefore, I have decided to blog about the making of this quilt (especially so the customer can get updates on it). I will blog with things I have discovered along the way of making this piece, so if our followers have experience they can provide me with their expertise!

Alright, so my first customer requested a blue, queen sized quilt. He left it up to me to decide how the quilt should look, but said he did not want a “low-quality, store quilt.” I was very excited to begin this project. But, it was really difficult deciding on the perfect quilt pattern/layout.

Since the quilt will be displayed on a bed, I decided to go for a more traditional and symmetrical look. Here is a sketch of the layout…

photo-5 copy

I have chosen the following colors: navy blue, royal blue, and white. The quilt needed a contrasting color, so I decided to go with white. I feel that the white brightens the quilt and makes the blues stand out.

If you look at the sketch I made, you can see I designed the quilt with a double border. The border will have a thin inner border, which will be a light blue. The outer border will be twice the width of the inner border. I am considering a navy blue fabric for this border.

I have already purchased the majority of the fabric needed for this quilt. I wanted this quilt to be high quality, so I bought Kona Cotton Solid Quilting Fabric from Joann’s!

prd57239So far, I have purchased three yards of each fabric color (navy, royal blue, and white).  I wanted to make sure I bought plenty of fabric! I did not want to make an emergency trip to the store to buy more fabric.

However, I’m still trying to figure out the best binding and backing fabric.  If this quilt was for you, what would you want? Is there any particular brand you liked or didn’t like when quilting? I would love to hear your opinions and experiences!

With love,



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