New Look and New Project

If you’re reading this it means you have found your way to our newly updated blog! We just merged our blog from Blogger to WordPress! (This probably does not mean much to you, unless you are familiar with the websites!) We decided to make the switch to help increase traffic and followers for our blog! However, we are not finished yet! We are still making necessary changes.

I wanted to share a new project I completed back in August.  During the summer, I had a few weeks between leaving my old work and starting student teaching.  I made the most of my free time by engaging in sewing projects.  My sister’s birthday was approaching, and I needed a gift for her.  I came across some fabric at Hobby Lobby that reminded me of her.  So, I decided to make her throw pillows for her couch in her new apartment. I have made several sets of regular throw pillows, so I wanted to try something a little different.

I spiked an interest in free-motion quilting, (Thanks to one of my best friends, Angela!) but I needed extra practice to feel confident in it. Therefore, I decided to free-motion the front fabric of the pillows.  Here is a picture I took during the process…


My stitch lengths may not have been consistently demonstrated, but I thought I did rather well for my first “official” free-motion project. Here is a closer look…


and another…


Here is a picture of one of the pillows. I love the texture that the free-motion quilting gives it.


To my surprise, they turned out beautifully! I was so in love with them, that I nearly kept them for myself!


I would love to know what you think about the pillows! Share your comments below.

Have you ever quilted pillows before? I would love to hear about it! Share your experience below.

With love,



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