Teaching Portfolio

After graduating from college in December, the number one priority was finding a job. Since it would be in the middle of the school year, I was scared that there wouldn’t be any jobs available.

The first thing I started researching was what all I needed to have to apply for a job and what I needed in case of an interview opportunity. The first thing I found was to have a PORTFOLIO for the Principal to look at. I started asking myself, “What is a portfolio?” “What goes in the portfolio?” After all, nowhere in my college education did they teach us about having a portfolio for job interviews.

Well…. lucky for you, I am going to give you a list of items that are NECESSARY for you to have!

Teaching Job Portfolio: 
1. Table of Contents:
This is where you have a list and page number for your potential boss to find a certain document. Having a table of contents keeps your binder ORGANIZED and you can flip within a second to whatever you are looking for.
2.  Resume:
Having your resume accessible to the principal is important. Most of the time they will already have your resume from your application but you need to have extra copies in your portfolio in case there are other people who sit in on your interview. You also need to make sure your resume is UP TO DATE! Principals love to see your past experiences and what your degree is in and if you have additional endorsements attached to your degree.
3. Teacher Certificate:
Your teaching certificate is the MOST IMPORTANT document in your portfolio. Your teaching certificate shows proof that you are certified to teach in Georgia (or the state you are living in). If you have passed your GACE certifications, but have not received your Certificate from the GAPSC then you can print off your GACE results and that shows them you are certified but waiting on “that piece of paper!”
4. References/Letter of Recommendation
A lot of people attach their references to their resume…. However, I have found out that your resume NEEDS TO BE NO MORE THAN 1 PAGE in length. I have heard some principals or higher up personnel will automatically throw out your application if your resume is more than 1 page. So I decided to make my own section for references and letter of recommendations. This is important for any job you are applying for. Principals want to read those recommendation letters and also contact those references that you have worked with or that know your professional skills. If you are in education… I would suggest having all your mentor teachers and supervisors writing you a letter of recommendation if they will.
5. Sample Lesson Plans
When you are in education you write TONS OF LESSON PLANS throughout your college career.  I would suggest to have 3-4 lesson plans in your portfolio that are in different grades. This shows principals you are aware of the standards that your students have to meet, how to write a lesson plan, and what kind of lessons you are teaching in your classroom. Each school requires their teachers to produce lesson plans in different ways. I would suggest to have your EQ, Standard, Anticipatory Set, Instruction, Assessment, and Differentiation in your lesson plans.
6. Observations/Evaluations
The last thing that is necessary to have in your portfolio is observations and/or evaluations. Principals love to see how others rate you or score you on your teaching. You will have many observations throughout your field experience. Make copies of the reports and include them in your portfolio. Also, during your student teaching you will have a midterm evaluation and a final observation. Include this!! This is your most recent evaluation from your supervisor and can be a great reference for you landing a job!
This is NOT everything I have included in my portfolio. I feel though after going to different interviews, these are the most important documents for a principal to look at. I have landed my first job opportunity and I am so excited to start!! I hope this will help in anyway! If you have any further questions about portfolios or interviews please don’t hesitate to e-mail us!
Good luck on your future endeavors!!!
Thank you,
Kacey Cavanaugh

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