Student Teaching Update and Write the Room Freebie

It seems like it has been forever since my last blog post.
I’ve been EXTREMELY busy with student teaching, but I am LOVING every minute of it.

For those of you that do not know, I am completing my student teaching in KINDERGARTEN!
The faculty and staff I work with are amazing!  My mentor teacher is super helpful, and I am so blessed to be in her class.

I’m having so much fun teaching my precious students, and learning from them.
One of the biggest challenges kindergarten teachers face is the lack of resources, such as textbooks.
Since kindergarten does not have textbooks, you must supplement in different ways.  Most of the time that means creating your own activities, mini booklets, games, etc.

My mentor teacher allowed me to bring in my own ideas and activities into our classroom to help.

One of my favorite activities I created was a Write-the-Room activity.  
I’ve searched and searched on the Internet for these types of activities, but I never found one that appealed to me.  However, I did find a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers that I liked, but the words were not typed with the handwriting paper lines.  

{One of the things my kindergarten students need extra help with is handwriting.} 
Since this was a handwriting activity, I thought it would be important to have the words typed on the handwriting lined paper.  Yet, I was not able to find this anywhere!

Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create one myself.  

I found the perfect font from a free font downloader, HERE.

Here is a preview of my Write-the-Room activity.

I created ten of these mini signs.  Each sign includes one of the Dolch Sight Words and an ice cream image.  I selected ten sight words, five sight words were review words from the previous week, and the other five were the new ones.

I printed out the signs, and backed them on black cardstock.  Next, I laminated them for durability and future use.  Then, I posted them within our classroom.

I also created a matching handout.  The handout is two pages, but I printed it double-sided to save paper! 
Here is a preview of what it looks like:
Each student was given a handout, and had to look for the matching pictures and write the word.
MY STUDENTS LOVED THIS!  It was entertaining, because they had to look carefully around the room to find each ice cream.

You may get your free copy of the mini signs HERE!
You may get your free copy of the handout HERE!

Do you have any cute activities that you have made or found that students loved??
If so, I would love to hear about them!  Comment below! :)

Thank you,


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