Busy {Wedding} Weekend!

What a busy, busy weekend! 
I had the pleasure of helping out with a family friend’s wedding! 
 It was an absolutely gorgeous outdoor wedding. 
 As many of you may know, it has nearly rained every day in Georgia this summer.  
However, The rain held off for the couple’s big day. 
 The wedding was held at the bride’s parents’ house. 
They have a huge backyard, which was perfect for the ceremony and reception. 
 Here is a picture of where the ceremony was held. 
 The wedding was a simple, yet elegant event. 
The main colors of the wedding were pink, black, and white. 
These three colors displayed a very elegant appearance.
Here is a closer view of the wedding arbor and the decorated fence.
The arbor is decorated with hot pink tulle and pink and white silk flowers.
The fence was not originally going to be decorated.  However, there were four unpainted pieces of the fence on the right side.  We decided to nail pink chair sashes to the fence to cover up the pieces of wood.  I think the decorated fence pulls everything together.  Doesn’t it look amazing?
The finishing touches for the ceremony included handmade bows that were attached to the inside chairs.
Here is one of the many pictures I captured from their special day!  
The bride and groom were completing the unity sand with their daughter.  
This was such a special moment for them.  
Along with a beautiful ceremony, they had a beautiful reception!
We decorated the reception with white chair covers and black silk bows.  
This made the reception look {SUPER} elegant!  
We had simple DIY centerpieces.  
The centerpieces were clear cylinder vases with crystals attached to it.  
Inside, it had glass marbles, a silk flower, water, and a floating white tea light candle. 
We paired it with hot pink silk fabric, and pink crystal gems around it.
Here are a few more pictures from the reception:
I loved how well everything turned out.  
We spent all day Friday and part of the day Saturday preparing for this wonderful day.
Here is Clint and I enjoying the reception!
The only pictures I did not take, were of the food!  The food was absolutely delicious! The bride and groom had authentic Italian food served at the reception from, Italy’s Pizza and Pasta.  
The food is to die for!
  They served tossed salad with homemade lasagna, cheese ravioli with vodka sauce, chicken alfredo, homemade Italian bread, their famous garlic knots, and tiramisu for dessert!
I highly recommend trying this place out if you live or visit near the Buford area!  
You will not regret it! 
Have you already tried Italy’s Pizza and Pasta?  
If so, I would love to here about your favorite dish!
Thank you!

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