Lesson Planning {American Symbols Booklet}

This semester, I am taking my final two classes before student teaching!!
  {Pre-planning is only 34 days away, but who’s counting? :)} 
I am taking Special Needs Inclusion, and Creative Performance. 
In the Creative Performance class, we are required to create a unit plan integrating the Fine Arts.  I decided to complete my unit on American Symbols, which is a social studies standard for kindergarten.  I had no idea what I wanted to use in my unit.  Since this is a “Creativity” class, I needed to be creative, aka ORIGINAL! 
So, I did some thinking and decided I wanted my students to complete an American Symbols book as part of their assessment. 
I knew exactly how I wanted the booklet to look like, so I decided to create it myself!

Here is a picture of the front cover! I’m so excited it! :)

The American Symbols that are included in this booklet are:
National and State Flags
Statue of Liberty
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
The White House
Bald Eagle
The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is not part of the Georgia Performance Standards.  
{However, I think it is an important American Symbol our students should know about!}
I absolutely love developing and writing lesson plans! My favorite part of developing my plans is getting to create my own printables.
I am so excited about how my booklet turned out, and I wanted to share it on my blog!
You can download the booklet HERE absolutely FREE!
Have a wonderful 4th! 
Thank you,


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