Dating your husband (or wife)

Ever since Jonathan and I got married in 2011 our schedules are extremely hectic. My schedule alone is filled up most of the time. Between working full time 6:00-4:00 Monday thru Friday and at the time having class three to four nights a week till 8:30 does not leave much time for me and hubby. 
Now that it is summertime I only work 2 to 3 days a week and have class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (for the most part), we have a little more time for us.
Although we are married it is extremely important for us to spend time with each other. Since I will be starting student teaching in 5 weeks, Jonathan and I have tried to plan one night a week for a date night. This doesn’t mean going out and spending lots of money. Sometimes this means renting a movie, making dinner, and relaxing at home on the couch together. 
One thing I created is a date night jar. This date night jar is labeled by the color written on the sticks. Based on what color is written on the stick, depends on how costly the date night is. In the jar there are about 40 different date nights. This is a great way for us to pick something to do because we are both indecisive and can never make up our minds!

 Listed below are some of the dates we have in our jar: 
1.      Movie (that you have at home) and popcorn
2.      Play a board game
3.      Bake a dessert together
4.      Go for a long walk together
5.      Play the Wii
Little or moderate cost:
1.      Movie of his choice (rent or go see)
2.      Movie of her choice (rent or go see)
3.      Go to a new restaurant
4.      Go play mini golf
5.      Go bowling
Pricey and could require some planning:
1.      Dinner in Atlanta
2.      Overnight stay at a hotel
3.      Go to sporting event
4.      Weekend getaway
5.      Couples massages
This date night jar helps keep our love strong and lets us work and build on our relationship even more. I have realized even though I am married now, date nights are even more important than when we were just dating. I love our date nights and spending time with my sweet husband! 
Thank you, 



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