Tasty Tuesday {Baked Tacos Recipe}

Hey y’all!
I found this amazing recipe (thanks to Pinterest) and I just had to share!
I’ve pinned hundreds of recipes, yet I have only tried a handful of them. {I’m sure there are people who can relate!} However, I plan on changing that!

On Sunday, Clint and I were talking about finding and trying new recipes. OF COURSE, the first place I searched was my “Yummy in my Tummy” Pinterest Board. I pinned a recipe for baked tacos many months ago, and decided it was time to try it. You can find the original post HERE.
It did NOT disappoint!

I loved this recipe because it was EASY, QUICK, and DELICIOUS!
What more could you ask for?

Here is a picture of the ingredients needed:

photo-1 copy

Shredded cheese not pictured. It was chilling in the fridge. :)

*I made this recipe my own! I did not completely copy the original recipe, so there is a slight variation.*

My ingredients included:
1 lb. of Ground Beef
Onion (Optional)
Taco Seasoning of your choice
Small can of Tomato Sauce
Taco Sauce
Refried Beans
Hard Taco Shells (Stand and Stuff/Flat Bottom Recommended)
Old El Paso (60 Second) Mexican Rice
2 Cups of Shredded Cheese (Mexican Blend) *Not pictured.

If you visited the original post, you read that she made her own hard taco shells. I’m all about convenience, and I didn’t see a reason to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, I used the Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Taco Shells. I HIGHLY recommend using the Stand and Stuff Shells, you will see why shortly!

Preheat oven to 400°F
First: Cook ground beef and drain.
Then add chopped onion (optional) and taco seasoning packet (or homemade seasoning).
{Note: I did not add water to my meat as directed on seasoning packet. I’m not sure if it makes a difference or not with this particular recipe.}
*While the meat was cooking, I cooked my 60 Second Mexican Rice.
Clint and I love Mexican rice, so we added it to our mix. However, this is completely optional as well.

Next: Add tomato sauce, refried beans, and rice. Mix well!

Then: Place taco shells in glass pan. Using the Stand and Stuff Shells helps them stand very nicely. :)

photo-21 copy

Next: Fill the taco shells with the meat mixture.

photo-3 copy

After I filled the taco shells, I added taco sauce on top of them.
{This was something else I added to satisfy my taste buds.}

Then: Cover the tacos with the shredded cheese.

Baked Tacos 4

After that: Bake tacos at 400°F for 10 minutes.
Remove from oven.

photo-5 copy

Finally: Top with your favorite taco toppings and enjoy!

photo-6 copy

If you love tacos or mexican food, you will LOVE this recipe!

Do you know of any easy, quick, and delicious recipes? If so, I would love to hear them!

Enjoy the rest of your week!
With love,

Quilting Event Update

If you read my previous post, you should already know that I have finished the custom quilt I was working on!
In case you missed it, you can check out my latest post, HERE.

Here is a picture of the final product again! I cannot stop looking at it!


First, I need to apologize for my unintentional break from blogging. I never realized how busy the end of the school year was for teachers. Oh. My. Goodness. is all I can say about that. However, it was a wonderful experience and I loved every minute of it. I would come home and not want to do anything. Therefore, the quilt was put on the back burner.

After my first full week of summer vacation, I decided it was time to start working on the quilt again. I just thought it would be easy for me to jump right back into quilting.

Rule #1 of returning to a quilt: Check all of your sewing machine settings.
Somehow, my tension got completely messed up. I have no clue how this happened. I thought I was just having an “off” quilting day. {When this happens, I normally walk away from the quilt and come back another day.} I tried many times, and ripped seams out every few stitches. After an hour and a half, I decided to stop.

The next day, I was determined to make progress on it. I threaded my sewing machine again and changed by bobbin. While changing my bobbin, I noticed there was a loose part. PROBLEM SOLVED! That is why I was having the most difficult time with my bobbin.

I quilted a few hours every day, and voilà…quilting was finished! It was the greatest feeling knowing that I successfully quilted my FIRST OFFICIAL quilt, and it just happened to be a QUEEN size! I say go big or go home! :)

Next, it was time to sew the binding! It’s not perfect, but I was satisfied with the outcome!


After sewing the binding, it was finished and ready to wash! I have heard horrible things about washing quilts, even after the fabric was washed previously. I pre-washed ALL of my fabric. After all the hard work that was put into making it, I did not want any surprises. So, I made sure I washed the quilt with Shout Color Catchers.


Image from Google Search

I have never used these before, but I couldn’t imagine what the quilt would have looked like without them. After removing the quilt from the washer, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The color catcher sheets were 100% BLUE! I’m giving the quilt purchaser several of these to use the first few times he washes it. I’m not sure if he will see the same result as I did, but it definitely will not hurt to use them! :)

I’m not sure how soon I will make another quilt, but I cannot wait to try something new! Do you have an easy quilt that you recommend for a beginning quilter like myself? I would love to hear about it!

With love,


Five on Friday

Hello Friends!
I’m WAY past due for a blog post! So, I decided to try something NEW! It’s called 5 on Friday, and if you’re a blogger feel free to join in on all the fun.

Now you’re probably asking, what is this “5 on Friday” all about? Well, basically you choose to write about any five things that has happened over the past week. They can be good, bad, memorable, discoveries, experiences, etc.

I have OFFICIALLY finished my first quilt that was part of my quilting event. I cannot believe I actually did it!
Here is a picture of it… :)


Clint and I are going to the beach!!
I feel like it has been forever since I last saw the coastline!
This picture was taken when we went to Myrtle Beach…TWO YEARS AGO!!
This year, we are going to Daytona, so I’m super excited about visiting somewhere new!


I’m beginning to get a little bored staying at home this summer! I cannot wait for schools to start, because I am ready to get into a daily routine. Although, I am enjoying my occasional pool days when it is not raining! :)

Kacey, Angela (from WeeShare), Angela’s precious daughter, and I had a lunch date this week! It was so nice to relax with my best friends and talk about things going on in our BUSY lives!

I cannot wait for Father’s Day! I made something for my daddy, and I hope he loves it! It has to deal with his favorite football team, so I’m 100% sure he will like it. I cannot post a picture, just in case he decides to read this post! ;)

That’s all for my first FIVE ON FRIDAY!
Check out the blog that started it all:
The Good Life Blog


Have a wonderful weekend!
With love,


PinkBlush Maternity {Review & Giveaway}

I received no monetary compensation for this postWhen I became pregnant the last thing on my mind was thinking about maternity clothes. However, as time progresses and I become further and further along, I have noticed that some of my clothes are becoming “tighter.” The past few weeks my jeans have become snug and it is so uncomfortable to wear them. I am so excited about this change and what my body is doing, but it can be very frustrating when your clothes stop fitting.

Luckily, my best friend was pregnant last year and she gave me the best advice. She told me when I was ready to start wearing maternity clothes to check into PinkBlush Maternity. I have had the privilege not only to work with PinkBlush Maternity, but to wear their stylish clothes on a daily basis.

About Pink Blush Maternity: 

PinkBlush Maternity is dedicated to bringing our customers today’s cute and trendy maternity clothes at low, low prices. While most maternity clothes out in the market are boxy, boring and expensive, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of unique maternity styles at great prices.

I had the opportunity to choose one item from their website to review. This was the most difficult choice I have had to make this far being pregnant. The reason it was so difficult was because ALL of their clothes are absolutely STUNNING!! They have the most trendy and affordable clothes. You can’t go wrong with anything you buy from them! I have posted some of my FAVORITES below:

Royal Blue Maternity Cardigan Price: $35 Sale: $27

Royal Blue Maternity Cardigan
Price: $35
Sale: $27

Pink Lace Fitted Top Price: $40 Sale: $29

Pink Lace Fitted Top
Price: $40
Sale: $29

Coral Sash Maternity/Nursing Dress Price: $54 Sale: $36

Coral Sash Maternity/Nursing Dress
Price: $54
Sale: $36

After looking at PinkBlush Maternity for about an hour I finally made my decision. I chose the Belted Maternity Dress in Navy Blue. It is so comfortable and I love everything about this dress. This dress you can wear whether you are barely showing or 9 months pregnant! This dress is light weight and great for those long, hot summer days!

This dress you can make fancy or wear it casual! I have worn it to work with a pair of sandals and got so many compliments! I also have worn it out to dinner with a white cardigan and people just love the look and how it doesn’t “look” maternity. I am completely in love and can’t wait to wear it more now that it is summer and being HOT outside!

Me & my sweet hubby!

Me & my sweet hubby!

I am very excited to announce that PinkBlush Maternity will be hosting a giveaway here at Spreading the Love! One very lucky winner will receive a $25.00 gift card to PinkBlush Maternity!!! Click on the link below to enter for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


He or She??? What is Baby Cavanaugh?

4512 4513

Finding out the gender of  your child is one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. From the beginning I thought baby was a girl and my husband thought baby was a boy! Once the doctors were able to see what baby C is I started thinking of ways on how to announce it. Gender Reveal Parties are becoming extremely common. We knew we wanted to share this special time with our family and close friends. So… my big sister threw us a Gender Reveal Party. I had our ultrasound tech write down what the gender was on a piece of paper and stick it in the envelope. She also put a sonogram with the gender. My husband and I didn’t know what it was because we wanted to be just as surprised as our family was when finding out! I have posted some pictures below of the party.


My sweet hubby and I

We had our names picked out :)

We had our names picked out :)

Our box with the right color balloons in it

Our box with the right color balloons in it


Once our family and friends arrived we ate some food and made our guesses. Then… it was time to find out whether we were having a baby boy or a baby girl!!

We were so excited to find out that we are having a baby….



We are so excited to announce HUDSON JAMES CAVANAUGH!!! :) We can’t wait to meet this sweet little boy in September!!!

I would love to know how you announced to your family and friends what you were having!!!


Pink Zebra Design {Review & Giveaway CLOSED}

I received no monetary compensation for this postBeing a teacher, you write so many notes throughout the day! I never realized what all you have to remember when it comes to meetings, important dates, etc. After working in the elementary school for about a month, I started looking for companies that had a notepad that I could take with me anywhere and everywhere. I wanted something light weight, stylish, and that could be personalized. After searching for a couple of weeks, I found Pink Zebra Design. They have the cutest and up to-date products. The owner of Pink Zebra taught Special Education for seven years, so she knew exactly what I was talking about and what I was looking for! After talking to Kirsten, she agreed to do a review and giveaway for our followers! She wants to promote her business as well as give our followers a chance to win a stylish, personalized notepad!

With a customizable cover, these notebooks also feature a subtle flap to to store additional papers and a central elastic band for pen storage. The notebook is trendy for students and writers, and classy for any profession. It features an image area of 6″ wide by 9″ high for a loved photo, school, or business logo for a personal touch on a classic everyday item. The notepad that is being given away is a small notepad that is valued at $40. She has adorable background designs and you can either have your full name or your monogram put on the notepad. The one I received is pictured below. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Personalized Notepad Portfolio, Monogrammed notepad Portfolio ~ LARGE Notepad, Portfolio, Notebook ~ Paisley Design $45.00 Small Notepad $40.00

Personalized Notepad Portfolio, Monogrammed notepad Portfolio ~ LARGE Notepad, Portfolio, Notebook ~ Paisley Design
Small Notepad

Other items Kirsten sells are custom phone case, clipboards, license plates, drink ware, cutting boards, and much more! Below are some of her items with her prices! All her products are of great quality! Check her Etsy shop out! She has great prices and amazing products!!

Personalized iPad Case, Monogrammed iPad case ~ Portfolio Case ~ Chevron Design $70.00

Personalized iPad Case, Monogrammed iPad case ~ Portfolio Case ~ Chevron Design

Personalized Clipboard, Monogrammed Clipboard ~ LARGE Clipboard ~ Paisley Design $38.00

Personalized Clipboard, Monogrammed Clipboard ~ LARGE Clipboard ~ Paisley Design

Monogram Cutting Board, Personalized Cutting Board ~ Quatrefoil Design ~ SMALL Cutting Board $35.00

Monogram Cutting Board, Personalized Cutting Board ~ Quatrefoil Design ~ SMALL Cutting Board

Monogrammed Travel Coffee Mug, Personalized Travel Coffee Mug ~ 24 oz Travel Coffee Mug~ Chevron Design $24.00

Monogrammed Travel Coffee Mug, Personalized Travel Coffee Mug ~ 24 oz Travel Coffee Mug~ Chevron Design

Please take a minute and enter into this amazing giveaway!! You will love the personalized notepad as much as I do! Click on the link below to enter for your chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway Publication1

Announcing: Baby Cavanaugh

From the time Jonathan and I found out we were expecting, I couldn’t wait to inform our readers! We have been waiting a while to put it out for the public to make sure everything with baby and momma is going well. So far this pregnancy has been perfect!! After we found out we were expecting the first thing we did was call my doctor. We wanted to get an appointment scheduled to check on baby and see how everything was progressing! Well… we got our appointment scheduled and I would have been eight weeks at that appointment…however mother nature decided it was going to interfere and we had the biggest snow/ice storm since 2010 (I believe). Once our doctor office re-opened we called to see if they were going to reschedule… well unfortunately no and we had to wait ANOTHER 3 weeks before finally seeing the doctor. By the time our first appointment came I was 11 weeks…almost done with my first trimester! Luckily I had no complications and the baby was growing perfectly!

In the early stages of pregnancy I was EXTREMELY sick. It didn’t matter what I ate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner I was constantly nauseous. Luckily, as we are now into the second trimester the dreaded morning sickness has subsided. I have found that baby LOVES food and if it gets hungry he/she will let me know!! Tomorrow marks our 16 weeks! It has gone by so fast but we are enjoying the moments of our blessing!

Throughout the pregnancy, we are going to have many reviews from different maternity products. As I progress further along, I will review baby products as well! We are so excited to share this journey with our followers!! We want you all to share your stories, what products you liked best or found that worked, etc. We hope to have many giveaways with baby and maternity products as well! Please stay tuned to read all the interesting information on our little blessing!!!